Quality of Sleep in Young Adults in COVID-19


  • Nisha Pagaria Amity University, Delhi, India
  • Nishtha Madan Amity University, Delhi, India




Sleep Quality, Young Adults, Gender Differences in Quality of Sleep, COVID-19


COVID-19 crisis has created a pandemic in our lives and has resulted in diversity of emotions that people are facing and feeling these days. The major impacts of this pandemic are on physical and mental health. Sleep is needed for both the physiological and psychological functions to work properly. The objective was to study the quality of sleep in young adults and gender differences in Covid-19. Using purposive sampling, the sample size consisted of 110 subjects (Male = 55, Female = 55). The instrument used for the study was Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. It assesses sleep quality over a time period of one month. The mean score and standard deviation are 5.84 and 3.14 respectively. The sleep quality in COVID-19 has been found poor in young adults. Then, the t-test was conducted to observe the gender difference in quality of sleep. The results came out to be that there is no significance difference between male and female subjects aged between 18-25 years in quality of sleep in young adults in COVID-19.


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Nisha Pagaria, & Nishtha Madan. (2022). Quality of Sleep in Young Adults in COVID-19. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 9(2). https://doi.org/10.25215/0902.128