Influence of Birth Order on Personality and Adjustment in Young Adults


  • Tanya Kaemra Counselling Psychologist, New Delhi, India
  • Dr Seema Singh Assistant Professor, Amity University, Noida



Birth Order, Personality, Adjustment


Birth order refers to the order in which a child is born in the family. This order differs within families and affects an individual’s life. The present study aims to assess the influence of birth order on personality and adjustment in young adults. Two psychological tools NEO-FFI and Adjustment Inventory for College Students (AICS) were used to measure the variables. 120-college going students (60 first born and 60 second born) in the age group of 18-25 years were selected from different colleges of Delhi-NCR. The results showed that first born and second born have no difference in terms of personality traits. The study also found that there is no difference in adjustment of first born and second born. Gender differences were found in first born male and female in personality and adjustment. Whereas in second born male and female only slight differences were seen.


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Tanya Kaemra, & Dr Seema Singh. (2022). Influence of Birth Order on Personality and Adjustment in Young Adults. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 9(2).