Indian Psychology- Exploring the Historical Roots, Emerging Trends and Future Implications


  • Mansi Sharma Counselling Psychologist, Uttar Pradesh, India



Indian Psychology, Consciousness, Self and Personality, Spirituality


The field of Indian psychology is potentially recent and dates back to the times of N.N. Sengupta and the establishment of the first psychology lab in Calcutta (now Kolkata) in the year 1915. Since then, the field of Indian psychology, at its own pace has seen its own potentialities of upward growth and acceptance. Adopting various spiritual concepts and ideological beliefs of the abstract ideas in the history of abstract consciousness, this relatively new field of Indian psychology stands strong on the giants of eminent Indian psychologists like Durganand Sinha, Girishwar Misra and Syed Mohammad Mohsin to name a few. The contributions of Indian psychologists have been noteworthy. Keeping in mind their enormous contribution and research evidences in this relatively vast and abstract sub-field, this qualitative review is an attempt to explore the historical and indigenous roots of the Indian perspective on Psychology, emerging trends and future scope and implications of research in a field which deals majorly with human consciousness, spirituality and balance, by maintaining the balance with the western psychological perspective.


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Mansi Sharma. (2022). Indian Psychology- Exploring the Historical Roots, Emerging Trends and Future Implications. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 9(2).