Stress Management and Immunity in Corporate Employees During COVID-19


  • Monika Khatwani Counselling Psychologist, Delhi, India



COVID-19, Corona virus, corporate environment, stress, Immunity


The paper examines the impact of Corona Virus Covid-19 outbreak in corporates and immunity due to psychological distress. It aims in identifying the stressors and how to cope up with them, also how distress can be converted in eustress and emotional wellbeing and how these changes can lead to good mental and physical health-The paper is a literature review. The article also aims at providing the coping mechanism for stress along with their scientific aspect. The article explains how immunity is affected by stress. In this article, what sort of stressors and how these stressors are affecting the corporate employees is also mentioned.  The articles are searched on google scholar, research, ncbi, academia, PubMed, researchgate.


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Monika Khatwani. (2022). Stress Management and Immunity in Corporate Employees During COVID-19. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 9(2).